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London at a Glance


The glass windows of Dorothy Perkins store in Oxford street, destination of many fashionistas

A man riding by a row of 'Boris Bikes'. Those bicycles are a part of Barclays Cycle Hire, a public bicycle sharing scheme that was launched on 30 July 2010 in London, England. This scheme was introduced by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London

A creative ambient advertising execution from Visa

The famous Big Ben standing beside the House of Parliament

A tunnel connecting between stations of the famous London Underground

The tubes arrive every one or two minutes and are on time to the second

Stratford station is a large multilevel railway station in Stratford, east London.

A man running in Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in London

Parks in London are ideal places for white-colar workers to spend their lunch time. This is St. James's Park in the City of Westminster, central London, the oldest of the Royal Parks of London.

Cherry blossoms blooming in the spring's sunshine

What could be more romantic than sitting together under the cherry blossoms watching a swan lazily swimming? Another corner of Hyde Park when the sun sets.

Kid playing cheerfully with the doves

View of the Mall, a road connecting Buckingham Palace and the Admiralty Arch (in the picture)

Buckingham Palace in the sunset

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